general info

Baby Bed

On request we offer an additional baby bed free of charge.


At the entrance of the property a space is reserved for cars.

Waste Disposal

As usual in rural areas of France also in Bardos refuse is not collected at each house. Instead there are refuse skips at central places, where everybody puts their bin liners. Also in France waste separation has become common. At certain places special containers for glass, paper and packaging are available.


Since no sewage exists in the countryside, wastewater is disposed by sumps - also at "Moulin d'Ibure". Special bacteria clean the sewage in the so called "fosse septique". The lady, who cleans the house before each arrival of guests, takes care of the maintenance of this system. Yet, as to this, one important hint in your own interest: as the system works like this, it is most important, not to throw anything "undigested" into the toilets. Especially no female hygienic articles as well as no nappies, condoms, cotton buds and similar things. Please inform all members of your travelling group about this. Only if everybody sticks to this simple rule, there is no risk of blocking the mains or the "fosse septique". Please help us to avoid elevating wastewater to the toilets or showers and baths, so you can enjoy your holidays undisturbed! 

Hot Water Supply

Of course there is running hot and cold water in all bathrooms and in the kitchens. Hot water is produced in a big reservoir. If both houses are fully booked, it might exceptionally happen, that not all guests can take a warm shower at peak hours without having a little waiting time.

Bed and House Linen

For all beds washable quilts and pillows are at your disposal. Bed linen and towels can be rented on request. In the kitchen you have tea towels. We kindly ask you to bring along your own beach towels in any case.


In a separate room of the former workshop we installed the washhouse, which is available to the guests of both houses of "Moulin d'Ibure". Here are the washing machine, clotheshorses and clotheslines as well as an iron and an ironing board.